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Photoelectric Material Co., Ltd. Taicang Xin Chang, Chang Xin photoelectric (hereinafter referred to as TCMC), established in February 2012. Parent company in Taiwan Xin Branch Material Technology Co., Ltd., Xin inherited Steel Group specializes in metallurgical materials, optical film coupled with a decade of hard work, accumulated a thick sputtering target capability and experience, focusing on the rapid expansion of China's optoelectronics industry and high growth in the export market, it is under consideration steel Group resource distribution and global layout, materials from Taiwan Xin Xin Chang 100% ownership of the photoelectric....(more)



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Taicang Xin Chang Photoelectric Material Co., Ltd.

Address: Shaxi Industrial Development Zone in Taicang City, Jiangsu Province Loop 98

Contact: Chen

Tel: 0512-53303566 # 3005

Xin metal resources (Taicang) Co., Ltd.

Address: Taicang City, Jiangsu Province Economic Development Zone in Shaxi Loop 100

Contact: Mr Tsang

Tel: 0512-33010018

Website: http: //www.e-tcmc.cn/